Word Press 2.5 missing Press It function- and how to restore it

Oh Noooooo…..

My favorite function in WordPress seems to be missing from the admin pages of Word Press 2.5 rc1 (and from 2.5 after it’s been released) Might be because they claim to have removed javascript from the admin- as well as the AJAX functionality. It’s due to return in 2.6 (but, my students can’t wait!).

So, what to do? If you are upgrading- your old Word Press press it bookmark will still work. If you are doing a new install, you’ll have to make a book mark with the following as the url:

javascript:if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Safari') >= 0){Q=getSelection();}else{Q=document.selection?document.selection.createRange().text:document.getSelection();}location.href='http://www.YOURDOMAIN.tld/wp-admin/post-new.php?text='+encodeURIComponent(Q)+'&popupurl='+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'&popuptitle='+encodeURIComponent(document.title);

Make sure you copy the whole thing- and replace YOURDOMAIN.tld (top level domain) with your own domain name. ie. websitetology.com for this site.

Step by step on how to make a Pressit bookmark for WordPress 2.5

1) use Firefox.

2) Bookmark any page (I prefer to save this in the “Bookmark Toolbar Folder” so it’s easily available

3) Go to “Organize Bookmarks” under “Bookmarks” and find the bookmark you just made

4) Right click on the bookmark and choose “Properties”

5) Change the name to “Press-it name of your site”

6) Copy the above code to the location field

7) Make sure you have your URL instead of “www.YOURDOMAIN.tld” ie www.websitetology.com for this site

Save the bookmark- and now- you are free to use the wonderful pressit- like this tutorial outlines.

Hope this helps- and that the code doesn’t get mangled by WordPress. works for you.


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  1. Word from Lorelle: I just checked with the powers that be and the Press It will continue to work with the new version and will be in the final version. They had to take it out for testing and you probably got that version downloaded. Just part of the process of beta testing.

    So- I guess, just hang on.

  2. It’s not missing. When dealing with beta testing versions, some things come and go as part of the testing. It’s there, and will be there before being released. I know you wouldn’t want to start a panic by handing out false information. 😀

    Also, for future inclusion of code in your blog posts, see Writing and Publishing Code in Your WordPress Blog Posts. Anyone copying your code right now would not be able to get it to work as the quote marks have been turned into the misnomer of “smart quotes” – those pretty but code useless apostrophes and such. Getting it right in the first place helps prevent whines from readers later. 😉

    Thanks for letting me know about this issue, but the bookmarklet so many depend upon will continue to work and will be there. Don’t worry.

  3. It’s still missing in the full release.
    If you can’t figure out how to get my code to work-
    there are more references on how to do this on the WP codex:

    I think the developers made a huge mistake removing this function – claiming to put it back in 2.6 is unacceptable.
    It needs to be in 2.5.1
    I’ll agree, it shouldn’t be on the bottom of the “Write” page- but probably somewhere in the options page. However, since users with a contributor level might need it- maybe it should stay on the write page.

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