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The best way to deliver your information to the world requires the best content management. We explore WordPress as one of the tools you can use. We stick to Open Source solutions that run on Linux utilizing MySQL.

Press This becomes a WordPress plugin

One of the most useful, underrated tools in the WordPress realm is the Press This bookmarklet. For those of you who’ve cited other websites via plain old copy and paste and conventional link building, you’ve been missing out. It’s been part of the Core install from somewhere around version 2.0 as Press It. After 2.5 it was renamed PressThis- but did the same thing.

How it worked was covered here: Press It, the semi-secret WordPress content generating tool

To briefly explain, Press This allows you to select content from another site- and create a properly attributed linked quote using the blockquote style with one click. All you have to do the first time is drag the “bookmarklet” to your bookmark toolbar- and it can be waiting for you as you come across content you would like to share.

The big change is that Press It, now called Press This is now an add on plugin– still an Automattic tool- but, not installed with every install.

If you used it- and have upgraded to WordPress 4.9 – your next use will require you to install the plugin- and all the functionality will return.

We highly recommend it be installed on all new installations and that you learn how to use it.

Here’s a video to help you along:

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WIX, Squarespace, Weebly or WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system. To explain that to a novice, who may be considering WIX, Squarespace or Weebly to build a website, that means the code that is used to build your site is free and open to the public. The other three commercial sites used proprietary code to build the sites and manage the content. This means they lock you into their platform.  Want to move your site- too bad.

Now, for your first site, you’re just trying to get something online quick. They all say “free” however each has conditions. Face it, there is no free lunch. Suppose you hit the big time and draw a ton of traffic- with WIX or Squarespace, you’ll be paying and paying as the resources are limited. With WordPress- moving your site to more robust hosting is not an issue- and you literally have unlimited options on where to host it.

The main draw of the commercial website builders is their promise of “drag and drop” site building. WordPress hasn’t got a true drag and drop or WYSIWYG editor out of the box- but some of the premium theme developers include tools that come real close. There are several “builder” plugins that will add this kind of functionality to WordPress themes as well. Most of them are premium plugins, but not outrageously expensive (under $100).

When it comes to extensibility- there are literally tens of thousands of plugins available for WordPress. Everything from managing team sports, to restaurant menus, to real estate listings, to ecommerce. Throw in the fact that over 20% of the Internet is now on WordPress, and you have to start wondering why you would look at anything else.

Granted, the closed ecosystem of the proprietary site builders guarantees to eliminate the headache of plugin conflicts or theme issues- but, if you are careful about selecting widely used plugins, pick a proven premium theme- you’ll end up ahead with WordPress. Also consider that WordPress is the preferred platform of most SEO companies due to it’s graceful framework for grouping your content via categories, tags, posts and pages. The proprietary site building companies may offer support, but their plumbing isn’t anywhere near as proven as WordPress when it comes to getting to the top of Google.

We’ve been using WordPress since 2004- and teaching it since 2005, which of course means we’re biased, but, considering the sheer numbers of people using and customizing the platform on a daily basis- it’s only bound to get better faster than any proprietary system. WIX, Weebly and SquareSpace don’t have a tens of thousands of developers working on improving their platform every day, WordPress does. There are also answers to any WordPress question just a quick google search away.

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Dolphin 7 CMS- Smart Community Builder

A local site is using Dolphin 7 to build a community site. Check out and see what Dolphin can do.

While the installed base of Drupal and Joomla both exceed where Dolphin is today, with the way things change on the web, it’s hard to say what will be the leader tomorrow.

From the Dolphin site:

Open-source, independent, downloadable, scalable, customizable, full-featured, free software for building social networks, dating sites and web-communities.Loaded with video chat, recorder, video player, forums, groups, events, video messenger, mailbox, desktop app, video sharing, photo sharing, iPhone app and much more. Build your own business or advance your hobby with Dolphin!

via BoonEx Dolphin – Smart Community Builder.

They have an intro video that has a voice over that’s almost comedic in it’s tone- but, shows a level of sophistication in marketing that other Open Source CMS systems have yet to reach.

Note, Dolphin isn’t entirely free- to remove links back to their site and totally own the brand you have to pay- but, compared to the cost of trying to assemble the whole thing in another CMS- it may be worth it.

We haven’t crawled under the hood of Dolphin yet- but we plan to. If you have any experience with Dolphin compared to Drupal or Joomla, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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