A Websitetology Testimonial

One of our clients, Rob Degenhart, invited us to speak to the Fairborn Rotary- then he sent out this e-mail:

Good Morning Fairborn Rotarians, Businesses, Organizations and Residents

Mark your calendars, Friday October 12 at the Park Hills Crossing Clubhouse (Downstairs). Sign up at http://websitetology.com/?page_id=247&product_id=5 you get the full day, Websiteology 101 AND Websiteology Intensive Seminars for $139. While there sign up for David’s Free Newsletter!

This will give you everything you need and more to get your website moving to the top of Google and attracting the visitors to your business that you want. I will be attending both sessions as will two of my employees. Not only should you, the business owner, attend both sessions, it is strongly recommended, by me, to bring someone else from your organization. You need someone else in your business to have the know how to add content to your site. That is the key! Adding relevant content on a regular basis!!!

What is relevant content?

  • If you’re Jamie Hensley at Goodyear Tire it’s a weekly tip on tire care, car care, anything related to your car that his customers should know. Give your customers good information to keep your business name at Top of Mind Awareness.
  • If you’re Terry McCoskey, you sharing healthy living guidelines, news on nutrition, the wheel of wellness. It’s also asking your patients to share relevant information, building dialogue within the community.
  • If you’re George Humerick, It’s sharing news on tax law changes, homestead exemption, money saving ideas, case studies, how a new client benefited from switching tax guys to you…That’s relevant to your clients! And prospective clients…give them reason to visit again…give them value when they come to your site…give them something new to read!
  • If you’re Craig Fourman, it’s easy! Just tell people in your words what your doing, who needs prayers, how about an inspirational note every week, announce weekly attendance…churches are great for blogging! Get your members talking on your site, sharing information that other members of the church would find beneficial.
  • If you’re the Andy and Elmer site, you announce every sale of books, which club bought, how many, how they intend to use them etc….get those clubs to post back to the Andy and Elmer site how the books were received, photos of kids getting books…case studies would work great here…imagine a Rotary Club coming to the site and reading about a dozen other clubs experience with Andy and Elmer? Bet they would be more likely to buy and buy again…

Are you a not for profit? Better get to this seminar!!! Do you have a need to raise money? Let people know what your doing in the community, what help you need, success stories, press releases etc…people will give if they know what and who they are giving to…

Are you a restaurant? How about sharing information on wine, handcrafted beers you serve, special menus that change, recipes, highlight an employee every month, promote the festival you’re participating in…

Are you Fairborn Camera and Video? I did a google search for them today and could not even find a website…That is a crime! Downtown Fairborn Business Association Members need this seminar!

Are you a dry cleaner, dentist, bed and breakfast, automotive repair, association, contractor, a retiree and do interesting things, a printer, real estate professional, costume store, tent company, travel agency, the list goes on and on…You all have relevant content, things to share and give to your customers, you will start seeing results quickly…

The catch is it takes commitment! It takes learning and time, you must commit! David Esrati will tell you that his seminar attendees walk out excited with good intentions and most never end up taking action or following up with commitment…

I will make a commitment to any Fairborn Business, Organization, Club, Individual or Local Government to start a local user group that will meet monthly to review, re-learn, strategize, share information and offer help to those who make the commitment.

Why would I do this? Here are some of my motivations:

  • It’s fun (I enjoy it)
  • It’s easy (Even I can do it)
  • It works (Ask to see my web site stats and Google indexing)
  • It’ll help your business (It’s helped mine)
  • It’ll help Fairborn (Growing businesses help their city)
  • It’s fun (You or someone in your organization will enjoy it)
  • It’s easy (You or someone in your organization can do it)
  • It works (You will see results)

How sold am I on this whole Websiteology thing? I have four of these damn things!


So clear your calendar for October 12th all day! Register at http://websitetology.com/?page_id=247&product_id=5

This note went out to the Fairborn Rotarians; please forward to any member of the Fairborn Business Community that you want! The more people who attend, the more fun it will be!

Thanks and see you October 12th

Rob Degenhart

If any of my other graduates would like to offer a testimonial- please comment below (and yes- it adds links back to your site, so it would be a good idea).

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