Shout Outs from some of our Websitetologists

I had the opportunity to participate in David's Websiteology course very early on when I was starting my photography business here in the Dayton area. I thought I had a pretty good grasp of blogging for business but I soon learned there is so much more that can be accomplished with a thorough knowledge of SEO and the WordPress platform.

David has always been a few steps ahead of the local competition when it comes to expertise and experience with social media and marketing. He knows his stuff and he does a great job at explaining the importance of content-driven online communications with your target audience and engaging with clients and potential clients on a level that surpasses the simple presentation of information via static web site presence.

With my WordPress blog - - I was able to gain and keep a foothold in local rankings for professional photography services that definitely set me apart from those photographers just relying on a single web site. Social media is all about engaging and educating your audience all the while reinforcing your "brand." I had the added bonus of David suggesting the name for my blog - calmphotos - which has also helped project the uniqueness of my photography and photography services.

Over the years I've had the pleasure of referring friends who are also business owners and artists to David's Websiteology course and they too have been very pleased with what they learned and applied in the online presence and marketing of their various endeavors.
James CrottyCalm Photos
I'd just like to offer a quick comment to let you all know about the great success we are having with the site we built after taking the Websitetology seminar, Dave has mentioned it in an earlier email, but our daily hits are increasing at a rate that I would not have thought possible. For one extremely relevant search string in Google, we are getting NUMBER ONE ranking after less than 4 weeks. We are even beating out a multimillion dollar company whose name is one of the search terms!

The secret? Information. Connection. Communication.

All of the things that a WordPress site makes it so easy to accomplish. Do yourself a favor and take the seminar. Find the places where what you know is a valuable commodity and make a permanent, profitable statement.
Damon SinkStudio Files
Back in 2004, I decided to create a website for my business. After perusing the web, I finally found a firm located in St. Louis, that created websites that not only matched my personality but also seemed to be on the cutting edge of Web Design. I spoke to them on the phone and they mailed me a brochure about the websites they created and how it would cause "Explosive Growth" for my business. I was SOLD! Within days I flew out to St. Louis so they could take pictures and record video of me for my website. Within 3 weeks my website was finished. I was so Excited.

Well, after two years of so called "Explosive Growth" I had gotten only 4 new clients. So I called the company and spoke to the owner, he was genuinely saddened that the site had not performed better. He gave me a name of a friend of his in Indiana that does web design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I called him. While on the phone, he pulled up my site and said, "No wonder you are not getting any hits from the search engines." Then he explained why. After he told me, I was thinking to myself why didn't the other firm know about this. God knows I paid them enough!

So I told him to fix my site so that I would not only get more hits but more businesses also. He assured me that would be the case. He proceeded to gut my old site and then rebuilt it. When he was finished I was pleased how it looked but more importantly how it was supposed to perform. After all, he fixed everything that was wrong with it.

Well, 19 months later I had gotten a total of 5 clients from my revised site. Ugh! That result was unacceptable! About that time a friend of mine had attended a Websiteology seminar. She called me after attending the seminar, she was so excited. She was spewing all kinds of terms I had never heard of. I'm thinking to myself who is this Esrati, the Tony Robbins of Website Design? The information she gave me that night made a lot of sense. I knew that she new nothing about websites yet after going to a one day seminar she seemed very knowledgeable.

Since my website was essentially invisible to all the search engines I figured I should drive up to Dayton and talk to these guys. What is interesting is they wanted to actually meet me and talk with me. The guy in Indiana did not want to. The meeting went well. I met with David and Seth. Both are very knowledgeable and open. My true Website education began sitting at the table with the two of them. They were totally honest with me. They told me up front it would be work. They signed me up for the seminar and I attended. The seminar was full of pearls! Seth took my website apart and reinstalled the good stuff into WordPress.

My site has been up now for several weeks and I'm already getting 3 to 4 times as many hits as before. If I had to do it all over again, I would have gone directly to The Next Wave. I would have saved lots of money, time and would have gotten many more clients.

Thanks Guys!

Dr. Ed Gould
Dr. Edward GouldGould Wellness Center
The seminar yesterday was terrific! I was brain dead by the end of the day but I really learned a lot. Now I need to start putting it into practice. I plan to do the seminar again--hopefully next month--after working with it for a while I know I will have questions and will pick up more good info that probably escaped me on this go. Thanks so much!!! It was great--I still hope to meet you in person at some point.
Thank you for hosting your seminar on "Websitetology" at your marketing company, The Next Wave. As you know, I live in Naples, Florida and I am here in Dayton for the summer. I was so fortunate to find your course, as I am preparing to be a first time blogger.

This is not my first "rodeo" in marketing. I have been a marketing executive for major corporations over the last 30 years. In the past 10 years I have been a successful national marketing consultant. However, when I decided to start out on my own to create a blog, I was overwhelmed, until your tutorial.

When I took your course I was wowed by your knowledge of the internet, WordPress, Google, design, marketing, writing and how to monetize a site. I had no idea that this level of expertise, capability and knowledge existed in Dayton. You not only helped me in the class with your personal insight and direction; but also helped others in the class,( already webmasters for their respective companies), improve on their existing projects. It was very generous of you, as well, to offer all those who attended your class an opportunity to audit additional "Websitetology" classes to either review or gain more information. I plan on moving forward with my project, as I had many helpful "ah ha" moments during your class. My hope is with your help I will launch a successful site. I appreciate your flexibility and ability to support me long distance. Again, I am thrilled that you are so willing to support and assist others in mastering their projects. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge, comprehension and skill set. I look forward to working with you in the future!
Patricia HawthorneHawthorne Consultants