Live- I blogged your Read-write web seminar 3

Nothing like a live test of software to find its problems- I’ll be posting to WordPress forums soon about the problems I’ve had today- with autosave- and a latent connection.

monitoring using technorati- he uses google news feeds- a podzinger service- which transcribes podcasts- plus technorati searches- and sphere custom feed.
For company names, product names, service names- very helpful.

He’s not impressed with adsense or affiliate links. Wants to come back to it.

Start reading what people write about us- before you start writing about us.
CEOs don’t have to be brilliant all the time.

Comment moderation- have a policy-
Comment has to be relevant to the article.

Ask a ninja what is podcasting.

Talks about the advantages of podcasting- and compares to radio- all the advantages-
What is podcasting?
• Continuing audio content
• Deliverable via subscription
– Two components:
•RSS enclosure
• Listen…
– At your computer (56%)
– Burn to CD
– Any portable digital media player

Who listens to podcasts?
• 11% of adults have downloaded a
• Most penetration in 18-54 age range
– 45% of listenership is 35-44
• Gender split is even (52% male – 48% female)
• Educated
• Affluent
• Trend leaders

Podcasting advantages
• Time-shifted
– Listen when you want
• Niche-focused
– Listen to relevant content
• Detachable
– Separate it from your computer
• Audio
– Listen while doing something else
• Low barriers to entry

Anyone can podcast

Speedo- interviews competitive swimmers.

IBM and the future of – podcast he likes. Thought leaders 10 years in the future. 15 minutes each- targeted to investment fund managers.
Plays podcast- on the future of TV.

The communications fit

  • Reinforce brand loyalty
  • Deliver targeted messages
  • Heighten awareness
  • Bolster reputation

Purina uses podcasts.
Short term podcasts. Project updates- customer support.

Intranet podcasts-

  • Alternative delivery for busy employees
  • Ideal for sales staff, road warriors
  • Hear real voices

Let’s hear some: more audio problems- Pepsi Tropicana group. Q&A session- answers from the CEO.

Short term podcasts. Project updates- customer support.

Dave Weiner gets credit for podcasts too- because of the enclosure function, Adam Curry – former MTV DJ.

150K savings from not using teleconferencing- and using podcasts and rss blogs.

Podcast hosting services that don’t charge for bandwidth libsyn
$25 a month.
Liberated syndication

I suggest using YouTube
He has a book on “How to do everything with podcasting” coming out.
Don’t produce radio- unscripted. Don’t do overt selling. Employ other forms of engagement. Ask for feedback and encourage- then incorporate it.

On search and pods.
Podzinger service- uses speech recognition software to create search abilities.
Detailed show notes- including time codes.

Has a frappr map on his blog- a mashup of listeners.

Twitter- 140 characters – engaged in the production of a podcast and linking their listeners into the podcast – even if it’s not live.
Fox TV show- Drive twittered.
He uses radiotailripple to track his stats.

How many people are using Juice, Doppler, iTunes, flash player
Video Podcasting- more complex productions- larger files- but does same thing as audio podcasts.

But- some video podcasts don’t need the pictures. A talking head
Educational podcasting is huge.
Boston seems to be a podcasting hub.

More social media tools.
Grammar girl- short- 3 minutes-

Wikis- anyone can post, collaborative. More on intranets than on internet.
Start with Wikipedia- someone has posted about it- and if it’s about your business- you can’t edit it.
Compared Encyclopedia Britannica vs. Wikipedia on 400 scientific posts- and they had equal number of entries.

Wikis don’t have to be open to everyone-
The Employee Communications Manifesto Wiki – shel wrote it.
His book- all the writing, editing and contracting on a jotspot wiki- (jotspot now owned by Google)
Press release wiki
Project management via wiki

Social Bookmarking- aka tagging- label content, others can search.
Sometimes searching tags instead of keywords can give you better results.
Bookmark to delicious instead

John udel screencast delicious how people use tags- do 2Ful>
All social media stuff is tactics according to Shel.

Measurement: page views getting irrelevant. What matters is experience.
HITS- How Idiots Track Success.
Return on Investment
Benefits -minus cost – minus risk

Lawyers scare many away from blogging.


  • Inbound links
  • Alexa ranking
  • Technorati ranking

And that’s the presentation- with a few gaps- and missed links.

I’ll try to get back to these and fill them in.


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