Live- I blogged your Read-write web seminar 2

Shel Holtz is showing more video with bad audio. Showcasing what shows up on youtube- and stays online forever.

Talk about User generated content- as spec work.

Embrace tools of Dialog- conversation- walls between PR and marketing are crumbling. But don’t fake it.

Leverage is with he who seizes conversation- not who starts or controls it.

Our server went down- or I was blocked by the firewall- Switched to writing in Word- instead of in WordPress in real time.

Probably due to one client who goes overbandwidth at the end of the month- every month.
Secondlife- crayonville has a Thursday morning meeting on new marketing at 9am.
Most companies think building an island- and it will solve everything-
But- what it takes is to have things that vend- the coca cola brand experience- machinima- uploaded to you tube- virtual thirst.

He’s not a gamer.
Not sure if Secondlife is the answer.
Open source software- and Open source marketing- James Cherkoff change this manifesto.
Beastie Boys- camera experience. 50 cams- shoot video- then “awesome, I Fuckin’ Shot that.
5 action steps.

  • Start a blog
  • Set up a linkedin profile
  • Start reading feeds
  • Get a secondlife.
  • Subscribe to podcasts- he likes


  • People will say bad things about us
  • We can’t have negative opinions on our site
  • We’ll lose control of our image
  • We’ll lose control of the audience.

Guess what- it will happen on your site- or elsewhere.
Brand is how I feel when I see your trademark- brand is owned by consumers.

Afternoon session: Begins with RSS.

Really Simple Syndication
no spam, no need to surf or visit sites- distributes web content to other publishers.
Still takes the same amount of time to read-

He reads 275 must read feeds daily.

Originally developed by Netscape- for the MyNetscape service. Dave Weiner developed rss 2.0, an aggregator.

He uses feed demon, it costs. We use the Sage plugin for Firefox. Feed demon uses bold and a number in brackets to show new content (2) as opposed to the star of Sage. Shel never goes to the site- he just reads the feed- on the edge.

Example of Davis California having content about the city. Asks how many people go to the City of Dayton site daily.

Siemens uses RSS for employee communications.

Using blog software as a content manager- for the rss feeds as information for clients. SharpReader which requires .net stuff.

How many people are subscribed to your RSS: it’s a file on your server- but pings will mess it up- feedburner will let you know as well-

Discussion of RSS vs downloadable desktop notifiers. I suggest you don’t want to install something on your customers desktop that could interfere with their software.

Bandwidth of feeds- if you have so many people receiving your feed- you may not want to pay for bandwidth for the whole post.

Microsoft calls them webfeeds instead of RSS

Blogs: the software-

  • lightweight CMS
  • reverse chronogical orders
  • flexible design via templates
  • Can be used for regular websites

What makes it a blog instead of a site- because you are using commenting. Turn it off- and it’s not a blog anymore. Shortening of the word WeB LOG- as opposed to the server log-

Dave Wiener- developed RadioUserland- doesn’t have commenting on- he says comment on your own blog (just like Seth Godin).

He showcases Moveable Type (on your server) from 6part- and Typepad (on their server) –

explains that University of FL got tired of waiting for IT department to post content for them. Saves money- and works. to compare and use cms systems.

His blog- a shel of my former self

Informal – emphasis on voice- many approaches to writing posts: Quick pointers and reports, longer thoughtful advice- and video etc.


  • Build a network of connections
  • Human Touch points
  • Increase search engine visibility
  • grow brand visibility
  • position executives

lost content again. not doing this in WordPress live anymore. So links will have to be built later.

• Employees have web access at home
– External experiences translate internally
• Faster dissemination of news
• Automatic internal RSS feeds
• Knowledge sharing
• Collaboration/brainstorming
• Institutional memory

Cathy Sierra – Creating passionate users – death threat.-
Sun about leaks:

Blog search tools-
Technorati only gives first page results-
Ice rocket

Subscribe to the search tools using RSS. has blogging policies on the web.

group knowledge sharing

monitoring using technorati- he uses google news feeds- a podzinger service- which transcribes podcasts- plus technorati searches- and sphere custom feed.
For company names, product names, service names- very helpful.


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