When uber geeks speak: D’Arcy Norman returns to WordPress

I learn a lot from D’Arcy- even though I’ve never met him.

About a year ago, he switched his blog to Drupal from WordPress- and I felt kind of left out- no longer was I recognized on the comments- and I stopped getting an e-mail when more comments were made. The content lost some of the community. There was one post about one of D’Arcy’s friends, Sammi- getting hassled by cops because of “profiling” for terrorists- I felt I was a big part of a conversation about if the post should stay up- or not.

So- today, D’Arcy recognized that WordPress does some things way better than Drupal – and made the switch back:

Switched back to WordPress at D’Arcy Norman dot net
I’ve been using Drupal for my blog for just over a year now, and it’s been a really great platform to work in. I use it pretty much all day for projects at the U of C as well. But it just feels a bit lacking in the area of managing a personal blog, compared with WordPress which is built solely for that purpose.

I’ve been missing things like email subscriptions to comments, and some of the other niceties that WordPress has had nailed for a long time, but are missing in Drupal.

If uber geek, D’Arcy can’t make Drupal sing- at least for the community parts- I’m pretty sure others can’t.

I feel like I’ve just been let back into D’Arcy world- and am very happy.


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  1. It’s not about not being able to make Drupal sing. Drupal rocks. Mostly, I just needed a change, and there wasn’t anything that I was doing that wouldn’t be supported by WordPress now.

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