I’ll be posting throughout the Shel Holtz presentation. I’ll update it regularly.

Web 2.0, the read/write web, means everyone is a content producer.

Steve Rubel, said we should stop calling it social media- just call it media. Shel doesn’t agree- neither do I. Meta data is critical.

In the old days- companies lied- didn’t listen to the customer- and coasted on being part of the chasing pack- and were focused on “the median consumer” – this was oh, 10 years ago.

His example is car ads- where we couldn’t see the legal disclaimer- but we can now- thanks to TiVo. Since we now have social media0 we can discuss things- his example- the dove evolution spot.

He talks about the cost of running a superbowl spot for 2.4 million- compared to putting it on youtube- much more cost effective. Dove had created something to talk about- buzzmarketing. Much more valuable than a super bowl spot. He then mentions where it was discussed in other media.

Next up: eepybird.com – the mentos/diet coke show. He’s not showing the video-

Mentos- “We’re tickled pink with it”

Coke: “It’s an entertaining phenomenon. We would hope people would want to drink more than try experiments with it.”

(at least they didn’t send a cease and desist order)

mentions blog: church of the customer.

He doesn’t like it as “user generated content” he prefers “customer generated content”- the only trade that refers to it’s customes as “user” is the illegal drug sellers.

His Truths:

“New media do not kill old media” – he says someone important (Stow) says blog every press release- he doesn’t agree. New media forces old media to adapt or shrink.

He says newspapers won’t deliver news the same way- 5000 word essays- will be printed out. Paperless office example- yet we are now producing more paper-

Radio morphed with the advent of TV- the green hornet moved from radio- to tv- so radio went to all audio.

2nd truth:

The audience controls the message.

We no longer control the message- same as your brand.

3rd: Numbers don’t matter: he talks about “The Long Tail” from Kevin Kelly- I’ve done other posts on it- do a search.

example: Kryptonite lock being picked- was posted on a blog read by 10 people, 2 of them blogged about it- then it grew. Then engadget- then The New York Times wrote about it. Cost Kryptonite 80% of their market cap. Luckily they are owned by Igersol Rand.

4) Institutions must engage in the conversation.

Get in the muck with the audience- or what they used to call the audience. We don’t control the message- we didn’t before- but it didn’t spread as far – or fast. Social Media gives us a bigger megaphone.

5) The social structure in which technology puts power in the hands of individuals and communities instead of institutions (who used to own the printing presses).

new choices:

  • engate and participate v transmit
  • advocate v preach
  • influence and persuade v comand and control
  • informal and conversational v formal and instructive
  • build community v tell your audience

CEO getting on youtube taking the message out clearly- jet blue apology.


His 8 rules

  • Channels have fragmented
  • Sources of trust have shifted
  • Social media have arrived
  • The consumer is in control
  • Content creation and distribution have been democratized
  • You must reach the new influencers
  • Transparency is required
  • Engage in the conversation or fail to communicate

Who we used to trust: business government and mainstream media. Now we trust experts in the field, each other- and “NGOs”

“A person like me” is the most credible spokesperson for companies” – Edelman trust barometer.

“all of us are smarter than some of us”- the power of crowds.

Horizontal communications- peer to peer

Vetical communications- ceo’s talk to elites/ employees and passionate customers, fodder for conversation.

Credentialed 3rd parties.

Empower employees- talk naturally, use social tools:

  • social media news release
  • executive and employee blogs
  • podcasts/videocasts

Use the tools-

Social media has arrived.

Kyle Macdonald- traded from one red paperclip to a house. To get his way all the way up -making him a better marketer than you are.

Where was Staples? Office Depot?

Stats on posts- blogs – podcasts, myspace and linkedin profiles. Numebrs won’t be relevant more than 10 minutes from now- so I’m not posting it.

Sphere as a blog search engine. www.sphere.com

But technorati is the number one blog search engine- and is the 800 pound gorrilla.

btw- his audio sucks- keeps cutting out. You wouldn’t get that at a Websitetology seminar.

Customer support- example of Dell- with Jeff Jarvis blogging about his experience: he ended up number 2 in search. Jeff has a wordpress site that runs slow as hell- wpcache would help.

try this link: http://www.buzzmachine.com/?s=dell+hell&paged=4 4 pages of stuff on DELL HELL.

Comcast example- where technician was fired- for posting about his onhold experince online.

Auto save is screwing this up- and losing sections- I think it has to do with latency on the network connection.

I had mentioned that the last Dayton ad club speaker used the same content: see this post.

Going to start a new post- keeping it shorter.


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