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A client asked what happened to the undo button in WordPress 2.1- I thought it disapeared with the autosave- but with a little help from Google- I found an “Easter egg” function in WordPress.

WordPress 2.1 – More Editor Options » Solo Technology
Recently upgraded to WordPress 2.1 and pondering the WYSIWYG editor? Did you know there are more options there than what you first see? Me neither! But, thanks to “codeispoetry” in this support thread, I do now.

Go from this:

Basic TinyMCE editor for WordPress

Basic toolbars

to this:

The “Advanced” version of the WordPress visual text editor

Advanced toolbar

PC users just hit alt-shift-v (Firefox) or alt-v (IE) to toggle it. Mac users– use cntrl-v (Firefox)

(Not seeing either of those? Visit Users → Your Profile and make sure that “Use the visual editor when writing” is checked. Still having problems? Visit the WordPress support forums.)

Pasting from word processors just became a whole lot easier. Two of the new buttons are “Paste as Plain Text” and “Paste from Word.” Nice for those who use such things. I like the custom character thing too. Now I can easily add ∞ whenever I need it…


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  1. I think there is a bug, because the first button on the advanced tool bar is for show/hide the advanced tool bar. That button should always be visible. 🙂

    Thanks for letting us know about this. 🙂

  2. See this plugin moves the show/hide button to the top bar.

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