I’ve been working on  a managing a site for a client. Actually, a whole bunch of sites. And, as luck would have it, she uses GoDaddy to manage her domain registrations.

Well, when some of her sites expired, GoDaddy put up their “Expired holding page”- no problem, but when she renewed all the domains – they didn’t revert to her nameservers- it still showed GoDaddy’s holding page. Bad.

So, I had to go into GoDaddy’s admin pages from hell. Not only is the interface worse than an IRS tax form- the site is slower than an 8086 processor in a core duo world.

I’ve used Bulk register for years- but they just got bought by enom, even so, on their worst day they are a pleasure to use compared to GoDaddy.

Which is really too bad- because back in the early days of competitive registrars- GoDaddy was one of the better ones. Now, they are right up there with Network Solutions as an avoid at all costs domain registrar.


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