Introducing WordPress Advanced seminar!

We listen to our customers. While a vast majority of our students all said the seminar was worth every penny, and then some, we kept hearing two things- I like the information and the way you present it- but I want more about how to use WordPress- a more intensive software instruction seminar- so now we have 2 seminars- for the price of less than one of the old one.


Don’t worry- we’ll take care of you, if you took the original seminaryou can come to one of the WordPress advanced seminars for FREE! But only in July and August- with a reservation. After that, it’s $49 just like everyone else pays.

What will the new seminar cover?
WordPress advanced will go into more detail on each of the function in the Dashboard interface, how to set all the controls for discussion and users, how to format your posts and of course- how to write posts and use the categories to get to the top of Google. We’ll also dissect themes- and look at what makes a theme good- and what makes one bad. You’ll learn how to FTP your plug-ins and themes, and we’ll look at some really useful plug-ins, and discuss how to expand functionality of your site- without having to be a coding genius. It’ll be WordPress Advanced, but still catering to HTML dummies.


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