If you have AOL- we’re deeply sorry

The Best Thing We Have Ever Posted: Reader Tries To Cancel AOL – Consumerist

The above link is to a story- with a recording of what the call to cancel AOL will be like. And for that, we’re deeply sorry. AOL has some nice features for protecting children from harmful sites- but it also can allow them to be sucked into private chat rooms where all kinds of things can go wrong.

While AOL is a good Internet for dummies- the Internet has gotten a lot easier lately, and a lot cheaper. For about half of what you pay for AOL you can have a high-speed connection from a telco or cable company- if you shop a bit.

The behavior of the “Customer Service Rep” attempting to stall the cancelation is a perfect example of how not to treat your customers. And as an FYI- you can get connections to the exact same network through AOL’s Compuserve or Netscape brands for considerably less money than what you pay for AOL.


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