Blogs Perk Sales for High-Tech Coffee Mug

We’ve been saying blogs are serious business tools, and can help get your message out to more people faster than a traditional website. The story above is a case in point on how to use blogs to launch a new product by targeting the early adopters and influencers who are reading blogs now.

Build it and they will come?

The common mistake that so many people make is thinking “I’ll build a website and visitors will come.” That doesn’t work. Even if you optimize for search- it’s not enough to get you to the top- fresh content can help, but it’s really about building a network- links to other sites, communities, connections with your customers- that makes the traffic start to show up.

Think about who your target market is- and how to get them talking about your products or services- and then go out and make those connections. If your site is going to be your best salesperson- make it get out of the office- and network, network, network- and blogs are an excellent tool to accomplish that networking.


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