WPtouch: a must install plugin for mobile users

iPhone view of www.esrati.com using WPtouch

iPhone view of www.esrati.com using WPtouch

There are thousands of plugins for WordPress out there- but few that we think are a must have. WPtouch has become one of our new standards- just because it brings instant elegance to your site when viewed on an iPhone or iTouch- or a phone running Google’s android platform.

While you could spend considerable time crafting an alternate theme and putting a mobile browser detector on your site, WPtouch does all this for you – with a ton of user configuration tools. They even provide a PSD template to make your own customized buttons.

From the site:

a complimentary theme installed as a plugin on your WordPress blog or website that will format your content with this Apple-inspired, full-featured theme when your visitors are using an iPhone or iPod touch.

WPtouch: WordPress On iPhone » BraveNewCode.

It’s currently at version 1.5 and still has a few things to watch for- like if you upgrade using the auto-upgrade, your custom buttons will be overwritten, so make sure to back up your install first.

The mobile market is growing, and those businesses that make sure that they have a mobile accessible site are going to see gains in business.

Just one more reason to use WordPress to publish your website instead of using plain old HTML.


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  1. Just installed it on my blog today and have already heard rave reviews.

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