WPtouch: a must install plugin for mobile users

iPhone view of www.esrati.com using WPtouch

iPhone view of www.esrati.com using WPtouch

There are thousands of plugins for WordPress out there- but few that we think are a must have. WPtouch has become one of our new standards- just because it brings instant elegance to your site when viewed on an iPhone or iTouch- or a phone running Google’s android platform.

While you could spend considerable time crafting an alternate theme and putting a mobile browser detector on your site, WPtouch does all this for you – with a ton of user configuration tools. They even provide a PSD template to make your own customized buttons.

From the site:

a complimentary theme installed as a plugin on your WordPress blog or website that will format your content with this Apple-inspired, full-featured theme when your visitors are using an iPhone or iPod touch.

WPtouch: WordPress On iPhone » BraveNewCode.

It’s currently at version 1.5 and still has a few things to watch for- like if you upgrade using the auto-upgrade, your custom buttons will be overwritten, so make sure to back up your install first.

The mobile market is growing, and those businesses that make sure that they have a mobile accessible site are going to see gains in business.

Just one more reason to use WordPress to publish your website instead of using plain old HTML.

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Turn WordPress into an online booking system with StayPress

WordPress is more than just blogging software, it’s a very extensible and easy to use Content Management System- that happens to get amazing Google love.

Everyday, we come across new extensions that turn WordPress into the perfect vehicle for some niche business. It doesn’t always mean all of the bugs are worked out- since this is Open Source Software- but it does mean we have a good start on customizing a tool into exactly what a client needs. Right now, we’re about to start work on an orthodontist’s site, and this online booking system extension might come in handy! It’s not quite out yet- but the preview looks interesting. April 2011 it’s out- http://staypress.com/

Clearskys.net Blog Introducing StayPress
StayPress is a collection of plugins that will turn a standard vanilla installation of WordPress or WordPress MU into a property management and bookings system. Of course when I say Property, I actually mean any bookable resource of which there is a finite availability. So the StayPress system will be able to manage property rentals, hotel room rentals, conference rooms and centres, B and B’s, training rooms, bands, etc…

The new StayPress system takes over from the previous clearskys.net collection of plugins and brings everything together into a more manageable and co-ordinated group.

Whilst there will obviously be a downloadable version of the StayPress plugins, we are also planning a hosted version of the system for those who do not want the trouble of running their own website.

Of course, if you are working with The Next Wave, we would be happy to configure and set this up for you.

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