Stopping PHPlist from sending a unsubscribe confirmation

Update 14 April 2015:

The position of this bit of code in recent versions of phpList has shifted a bit since this post was written and looks slightly different. In our instances of phpList, we found commenting out line 837 did the trick. The code snippet should look something like:

//   #sendMail($email, getUserConfig(“unsubscribesubject:$id”), stripslashes($unsubscribemessage), system_messageheaders($email),”,true);

Original post below.


We love the open source mail list management software PHPlist- although it’s interface is horribly confusing.

One thing we don’t love is it’s insistence on sending an “Unsubscribe confirmation” when you click the link to remove from the list. We get it- you don’t want e-mail from us anymore, no need to send one more.

To do this- comment out lines 658 and 659 of index.php in PHPList in version 2.10.7

the code should look something like this:

//#  sendMail($email, getConfig(“unsubscribesubject”), stripslashes($unsubscribemessage), system_messageheaders($email));
//#  $reason = $_POST[“unsubscribereason”] ? “Reason given:\n”.stripslashes($_POST[“unsubscribereason”]):”No Reason given”;

That should solve your problem.


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