Another e-mail virus- that looks legit

Virus alert- this is an e-mail that looks like someone trying to help you-
from someone you don’t know.
Never- open an attachment from someone you don’t know- and didn’t ask for- while this seems legit- it’s actually a virus- not a screen shot.
They are hoping you, as the intelligent blogger- might want to know something about your site- instead it installs a virus on PC’s- the “so.scr” virus-

This is one more reason RSS rules!


I noticed whilst browsing your site that there were problems with some of your links, when I tried again with Internet Explorer the problems were not there so I assume that they were caused by me using the Mozilla browser.

As more people are turning to alternative browsers now it may be of help for you to know this. I have enclosed a screen capture of the problem so your team can get it fixed if you deem it an issue.

Kind regards,

James Andrews
Dept. Publishing

The above is an e-mail virus message.


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