The quicktags menu
Above- image of quicktags menu (click to enlarge)

WordPress includes many tools to format your content. Quicktags are the ones you’ll use the most. One note- some browsers don’t display the quicktags – so we recommend Firefox
The word “Firefox” that’s highlighted was an example of the “link” tag. When you are in write post mode, you can select a word or sentance (highlight) and then click the “link” box- you will get a dialog pop-up that looks like this:
The link pop-up box
Enter the url (the location of the site you want to link to) usually: for example- and you’ve created a link. If you want to make it a link to send an e-mail to someone, change http:// to mailto:[email protected] and you will create an e-mail link.
Here is a site with full description of all the buttons on the quicktags list.


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