The things you can do with Mozilla Firefox

Rapid Web Development and Testing with Mozilla Firefox

Although many of you won’t be a traditional “Web Developer” because you are using Word Press to develop your site and manage content- if you want to learn more about the code underlying a site- Firefox has development tools.
One of the great things about Firefox is that it’s modular. You can add extensions easily to do all kinds of things.
I couldn’t live without the Autofill extension or the Sage RSS reader- but, if you are interested in developing web sites- there are a ton of other useful tools- all covered in the above link to a presentation.

For the badly coded sites that require Internet Explorer- there are a couple of  extensions that can make viewing IE specific pages in Firefox simple:

  • IE Tab allows you to launch the page you are visiting in IE in a new Firefox tab.
  • IE View launches the current page in IE.

You can also load other search sites into your “google” window in the toolbar- a few that I can’t live without are Dictionary and Wikipedia- although the Urban Dictionary is fun and occasionally useful.

Adding extensions is often a simple one-click process- and then restarting Firefox- no download and install. The number of extensions is growing every day- but there are hundreds that are available- and one may help you do just what you need.


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