Microsoft Delays IE’s ActiveX D-Day

As if people don’t need another reason to switch to Open Source software solutions- Microsoft is now making their new browser require custom authoring so that it can run their own custom Active X controls. Internet Explorer is already known as “Microsoft Exploder” by coders who care to adhere to W3C standards- and now it may be even worse- not working with it’s own proprietary standard.
While it may be cheaper for Microsoft not to settle the lawsuit- for all the companies that trusted Microsoft to provide a platform for their business model- that now have to pay their developers to re-vamp existing work- this is an expensive proposition.

Having data standards that work on all platforms (Mac, Linux and Windows) is critical- why does Microsoft keep marching to their own drummer? Because they can. We test all sites on multiple operating systems- with multiple browsers- if they are W3C compliant- then they are good to go.

It’s time for a mass revolt against IE. Download Firefox today- and tell your friends. Friends don’t let friends use Microsoft Explorer.


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