How many blogs does your business have?

 Well, if you are the king of the Internet, and have a market cap higher that the GNP of all the developed countries in the world plus Bill Gates and Warren Buffet (well- almost) you have, well, at least 45.

Official Google Blog: The wisdom of orkut

  1. More Google Blogs
  2. AdWords API Blog
  3. Blogger Buzz
  4. Blogs of Note
  5. Dentro de AdSense
  6. Dentro de AdWords
  7. El Blog de Google México
  8. Google AJAX Search API Blog
  9. Google Analytics Blog
  10. Google Checkout API Blog
  11. Google Code – Featured Projects
  12. Google Code – Updates
  13. Google CPG
  14. Google Librarian Central
  15. Google Polska – oficjalny blog
  16. Google Talkabout
  17. Google Testing Blog
  18. Google Web Toolkit Blog
  19. Google Webmaster Central Blog
  20. Google 黑板报 — Google 中国的博客网志
  21. Google 한국 블로그
  22. Il blog ufficiale di AdSense in Italiano
  23. Inside AdSense
  24. Inside AdSense – Das offizielle deutsche AdSense-Blog
  25. Inside AdSense: Het Officiële Nederlandse Google AdSense Blog
  26. Inside AdWords
  27. Inside Google Book Search
  28. Inside Google Desktop
  29. O blog do Google Brasil
  30. Official Google Base Blog
  31. Official Google Blog
  32. Official Google Checkout Blog
  33. Official Google Data APIs Blog
  34. Official Google Docs & Spreadsheets Blog
  35. Official Google Enterprise Blog
  36. Official Google Italia Blog
  37. Official Google Japan Blog
  38. Official Google Mac Blog
  39. Official Google Maps API Blog
  40. Official Google Reader Blog
  41. Official Google Research Blog
  42. Official Google Video Blog
  43. Por dentro do AdSense
  44. Webmaster-Zentrale Blog
  45. Официальный блог – Google Россия

Still not convinced blogs are great business tools? If I hear one more “I want a website- not a blog” from someone who can’t tell a browser from a broaster- it’s time to leave Dayton OH for somewhere where people want to learn how to win at business.

The word Blog needs to go away. It’s a very smart, backend for a sophisticated content management system that can get to the top of Google without having to pay for your position. Blogs can also allow anyone to manage content for a site.

If Google is doing it- why aren’t you? Take the Websitetology seminar and become a brilliant asset to your company.


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  1. Yeah, if the experts are doing it the rest of us should be following their lead. Learn from the ones leading the way. I have two blogs going right now. My webmaster says I also need a newsletter, but that is for a different reason.

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