Using iWeb 06 to build a gallery page

Screen shot of my gallery page

Good News! Forget all these steps- here is an easy way to get iWeb sites onto your own server!

Get “Easy iWeb publisher” for free from Plyxim, here is the link:

I haven’t had a chance to test it- but, I’m sure it’s got to be easier than all these step by step proceedings!

If there is one thing I haven’t been happy with in Word Press is its ability to manage a page of photos- so, for Mac users, I put together this little step-by-step instructions on how to use iPhoto and iWeb from iLife 06 to build a gallery page.

If you are looking for one reason to buy a Mac instead of a PC- the way iPhoto handles importing, managing, working with pictures from a digital camera is it. with the addition of iWeb it also gives you a great tool to build a photo page.

Here is how to do it- starting with the basics:

  1. Connect camera- or card reader.
  2. iPhoto 06 should open automatically.
  3. Before you hit import photos- name the roll- adding a roll description.
  4. Crop and name photos- the title will appear under each photo.
  5. To organize them for the site- you can use the “Batch change” for both titles and contents.
  6. Click iWeb option- choose “Photo page”
  7. Close the .mac page (it’s Apple’s hosting service- and you own your own domain)
  8. Choose a template that you wish to use just for the photo page. As far as I can tell- once you select this template- the only way to switch templates is to delete the page and recreate it from iPhoto.
  9. You can change and edit items on the template in iWeb. I suggest removing the “include page in navigation menu” from the page menu.Info window in iWeb for links
  10. Make title link back to your post: select the title text (starts out as the name of the album from iPhoto)- select the text- pick the link icon in the inspector (the link icon is the last icon on the right- a little blue circle with the swooshed arrow in it).
  11. Select “enable as a hyperlink”
  12. Make this a link back to the url for the post (you find this by clicking on the headline- and copying the url for the post).
  13. Choose publish- here is where it gets a little hinky- iWeb wants to publish to a .Mac account. Apple hasn’t provided a way to publish to your own hosting solution (BOOOO!)
  14. Instead – save it to your sites folder on your hard drive. Note: Subscribe buttons work only if you specify the site’s URL (address) in the dialog that appears when you choose File > Publish to a Folder.
  15. Continue when you are prompted about Content rights (it is your content- right?)
  16. Then open Transmit– or use the handy dandy free extenison for Firefox, FireFTP, and this is a little goofy- your first folder has a page called index.html and a folder (the site name)- open the site name folder- and you will have another index.html page and another .html file (the short title of the original iPhoto album) plus 3 folders- “images” “SlideShow_assets” and “Name of alum_files”-copy all 3 folders and one of the two .html pages (I prefer the one NOT named index.html) into a folder with a short name- like gallery – on your stuff (the server) and then the address to your page will be (Where folder_name is the name you gave the folder – mine is gallery and name.html is the name of the iPhoto album- mine is faves.html)
  17. Now – make a link to this page in the post- that you have the link back to on your title from step 10.

I know it seems like a lot of steps- but once you are done- you will have a sweet gallery page to look at- like this:

Note- we’ve tried a couple of WordPress plug in’s like Gallery– with limited success. I would really like iWeb better if it took the iPhoto comment info and put it under each photo- and would allow for alt tagging the photos as well.

If anyone has any better suggestions on how to do this- please share. Thanks.

(See beginning!- new software makes this easy)

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You can pay money to snake oil salesmen….

As P.T. Barnum was reputed to say “there’s a sucker born every minute” – there are people who will have you believe that you can make thousands of dollars by gaming Google adsense with a WordPress site and their “Package” of tools.

Most of what they include is available for free online- themes, plug-ins and even the advice.

The sad fact is, there are a lot of people that would rather pay money for a get rich quick scheme instead of taking a course that will teach you how to build legitimate business with a WordPress site.

And of course, Google has smart people working at eliminating click fraud and splog (SPam bLOG) sites from their search results.

But, if you can’t resist, here’s a link to that easy money:

WordPress Elite – Powerful Blog Management

” You Can Now Easily Create a Niche Blog Empire Using WordPress That Spits Out Five Figure Adsense Checks Like a Winning Slot Machine on Steroids! “

Just remember, slot machines are still programmed to keep most of the money for the house.

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A book about Corporate Blogging

About the Book

Cover of We’re not the only ones helping people discover web2.0 and the power of using a blog backend to get your message out- Debbie Weil is pushing her book “The Corporate Blogging Book” as a way to help CEO’s reach their markets.

The first chapter is available for download- and has the top 20 reasons why you should be a corporate blogger.

While we haven’t had a chance to read the book- we looked at the first chapter- and it pretty much says a lot of what we’ve been saying- except- we believe that RSS and Content Management Systems are the future of all websites- and that WordPress is the bomb (note- Debbie uses WordPress for her site).

She doesn’t seem to mention the power WordPress has for Google placement- which is another reason to use a blog to manage your site, but if you’d sign up for one of our seminars- you’d see that in action.

If you must insist on buying her book- here’s a link.

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