As P.T. Barnum was reputed to say “there’s a sucker born every minute” – there are people who will have you believe that you can make thousands of dollars by gaming Google adsense with a WordPress site and their “Package” of tools.

Most of what they include is available for free online- themes, plug-ins and even the advice.

The sad fact is, there are a lot of people that would rather pay money for a get rich quick scheme instead of taking a course that will teach you how to build legitimate business with a WordPress site.

And of course, Google has smart people working at eliminating click fraud and splog (SPam bLOG) sites from their search results.

But, if you can’t resist, here’s a link to that easy money:

WordPress Elite – Powerful Blog Management

” You Can Now Easily Create a Niche Blog Empire Using WordPress That Spits Out Five Figure Adsense Checks Like a Winning Slot Machine on Steroids! “

Just remember, slot machines are still programmed to keep most of the money for the house.


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