A book about Corporate Blogging

About the Book

Cover of We’re not the only ones helping people discover web2.0 and the power of using a blog backend to get your message out- Debbie Weil is pushing her book “The Corporate Blogging Book” as a way to help CEO’s reach their markets.

The first chapter is available for download- and has the top 20 reasons why you should be a corporate blogger.

While we haven’t had a chance to read the book- we looked at the first chapter- and it pretty much says a lot of what we’ve been saying- except- we believe that RSS and Content Management Systems are the future of all websites- and that WordPress is the bomb (note- Debbie uses WordPress for her site).

She doesn’t seem to mention the power WordPress has for Google placement- which is another reason to use a blog to manage your site, but if you’d sign up for one of our seminars- you’d see that in action.

If you must insist on buying her book- here’s a link.


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