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Web 3.0? In Dayton?

The Greater Dayton IT Alliance is announcing web 3.0. Which is great and dandy- considering so many businesses in Dayton still aren’t web 2.0 or even web 1.0.

Dr. Sheth got a great write up on semantic web research in Sunday’s Dayton Daily News. Regular readers of Websitetology- may recall us pointing to an interesting search engine called Kartoo – a social network mapping tool- which does some of the same things that Dr. Sheth’s semantic search research is focused on.

While I’m sure Dr. Sheth is a bright guy- the reality is- most people who are the leaders in the search field are already working for Google. They have the money, they have the technology- and – most importantly- they have the users already contributing the intelligence of the masses to refine the data.

But- here is what the GDITA says about the luncheon:

Come see Web 3.0, the future of the web. Dr. Amit Sheth, the the LexisNexis Eminent Scholar for Advanced Data Management and Analysis at Wright State University, DaytaOhio, will be presenting his research on advanced web technology. The presentation will look at future technology and include how local companies (big and small) can partner with the excellent research being done at Wright State University.

This event is for people interested in how they can incorporate advanced web technologies into their business offerings.

Dr. Sheth has held research and development, management and faculty positions at Honeywell, Unisys, Bellcore and the University of Georgia, where he founded the Large Scale Distributed Information Systems Laboratory (LSDIS). Dr. Sheth has founded two start ups and published more than 200 papers and articles and authored/edited four books. He has organized eight international meetings and holds two patents. He earned his Ph.D. in computer and information science at The Ohio State University.

One note: The GDITA site breaks Firefox on the Mac. Good web developers test their site in all relevant environments- Window, Mac, Linux – with IE, Firefox, Safari etc.

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Websitetology to present at Web Content 2007

You can come to Chicago in June for a two day conference and spend $800, or you can visit Dayton and get a day for $79 (Everything is cheaper in Dayton OH). We’re proud to have our chief Websitetologist, David Esrati be one of the featured speakers at this conference:

Web Content 2007 – Chicago Business Conference on Internet Website Content June 18 & 19
Know the State-of-the-Art in Website Content Management

Web Content 2007 is for business professionals involved with creating, organizing and maintaining web content. The two-day conference provides three tracks: content design and access,content development and management and emerging tools and technologies. Each track offers attendees a selection of workshops, case studies, and presentations lead by recognized Internet authorities. Attend all sessions in one track or mix-and-match sessions in any track to create a customized program. Held in an intimate setting in Downtown Chicago participation is limited. Registration is now open. Save $100 if you register before May 4, 2007.

If you don’t believe that this Websitetology thing works: think again. We’ve never met any of the people who are speaking, or contacted them- they found us, from our online presence. Same goes for clients in Minneapolis, Austin, Raleigh and Jacksonville. Using the proper Content Management System, utilizing webstats and understanding search and web 2.0 will grow your business.

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PR: Websitetology announcement

Blogosopher changes name to Websitetology.

Dayton, OH August 21st 2006 There are only three ways that customers find your business website, search, links and advertising. Unless you are spending millions on advertising and people just know your URL, like Sony, Burger King or Chevrolet, they probably are coming to your site through search engines.
An entire industry of “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) consultants has sprouted up, charging hundreds to thousands of dollars to get your site to be on the front page of Google, yet Google re-writes the rules every so often, just to make sure they don’t get “gamed.”
Another option is to pay Google to get listed as a “Sponsored Link” appearing at the top or the right hand side of search results. Studies have shown that 70% of people skip these paid placements- unless they just can’t find what they want in the normal “organic” results.
When clients of Dayton ad agency, The Next Wave, started asking how to get their site to show up in Google, agency Chief Creative Officer, David Esrati began researching how to get their own site onto the elusive “first page.” The answer turned out to not be what the “SEO” consultants were doing, but actually a new business model based on principles of what is commonly known as Web 2.0- or true interactive sites where your customers can be a part of your brand experience online. The common implementation is know as a “blog” (weB LOG) but is really a sophisticated content management system that makes building and maintaining a web site simple.
The New Websitetology LogoAfter spending considerable time explaining the technology to clients one-on-one, the agency launched a 3.5 hour seminar called “Blogosopher” to share this sophisticated yet simple solution for websites that work for business. Eight months after beginning the seminar- it became clear that business people were wary of the word “Blog” so the seminars have been rebranded “Websitetology.” The Intro seminar begins with how the web and search work, and how it is changing business- moving into an introduction of the free Open Source software “WordPress” which works to manage the site. The Advanced seminar is how to get the most out of WordPress and build content that gets the results you need.
Since implementing this solution on The Next Wave site, they have moved to the front page of Google for multiple search terms and seen a ten fold increase in unique visitors to the site in a slightly over a year.
Another benefit of using these tools to manage the site is that site maintenance costs have dropped to almost nothing, with no HTML code knowledge required. Sites that the agency used to have to charge thousands for, are now possible for under $400 including the cost of the seminar and hosting.
The next seminars will be held Aug 21, 2006 at Nehemiah University, 750 S. Main Street, Dayton 45402 from 8:30 am until noon and 1:30 pm to 5 pm. Cost is $49 for each seminar, or $79 for both. More information at or by calling 937.228.4433 Advance reservations are strongly encouraged.

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