WordPress good enough for Government work.

This post would have been a lot more interesting if all the sites using WordPress were linked-but, I believe that the list is probably right. My only question is why haven’t any of these government agencies hired The Next Wave to do their sites- since we are an SDVOB and HUBzone?

Here is a list (probably not all-inclusive) of United States government agencies or organizations using WordPress (whether privately or publicly):

* Air Force

* Army

* Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

* Coast Guard

* Defense Intelligence Agency

* Department of Energy

* Department of Homeland Security

* Department of State

* Department of Treasury

* Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

* Marine Corps

* Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

* National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

* National Reconnaissance Agency

* National Security Agency (NSA)

* Navy

This list was revealed at WordCamp San Francisco, 2008.

U.S. Government Agencies Using WordPress « Mark on WordPress.

While the seasoned WP person can usually tell if a site is done in WP or not- some rookies can’t tell. An easy way to find out is just try adding /wp-admin after the primary URL and see if it takes you to the login panel.


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  1. The only potential problem I can see regarding these groups would involve the inherent security issues that WP seems to have. You certainly couldn’t use it to store secure data. However, if they were only using it for non-secure content, it should work fine.

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