WordPress good enough for Government work.

This post would have been a lot more interesting if all the sites using WordPress were linked-but, I believe that the list is probably right. My only question is why haven’t any of these government agencies hired The Next Wave to do their sites- since we are an SDVOB and HUBzone?

Here is a list (probably not all-inclusive) of United States government agencies or organizations using WordPress (whether privately or publicly):

* Air Force

* Army

* Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

* Coast Guard

* Defense Intelligence Agency

* Department of Energy

* Department of Homeland Security

* Department of State

* Department of Treasury

* Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

* Marine Corps

* Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

* National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

* National Reconnaissance Agency

* National Security Agency (NSA)

* Navy

This list was revealed at WordCamp San Francisco, 2008.

U.S. Government Agencies Using WordPress « Mark on WordPress.

While the seasoned WP person can usually tell if a site is done in WP or not- some rookies can’t tell. An easy way to find out is just try adding /wp-admin after the primary URL and see if it takes you to the login panel.

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