How to Build a High-Traffic Web Site (or Blog)

How to Build a High-Traffic Web Site (or Blog)

The reason you have a site is to get your message to other people – preferably customers. The blogosopher seminar is all about getting traffic to your site- using the easiest possible way (a WordPress blog) – and working your web stats to make sure you have content that works.

Steve Pavlina has a very well written set of suggestions on how to build your content- and make no mistake- content is king. Useful, helpful, informative content can do a lot to drive traffic to your site- and while he has general tips- here are a few important ones that I think will help:

Think about the questions you get every day from your customers- and write the answers on your blog. If you are the expert in your field, you got that way by answering questions- so do that on your site. In today’s seminar I had two physicians- both of them looking for ways to build their practices. Every day the local paper has at least one health related story- and if it fits your specialty- someone will be reading it- and looking for answers on the web. Write your opinion on the story- and make sure you mention the name of the local paper- and the writer of the story in your post. This will help you localize your blog- and capitalize on the visibility of another media outlet- same goes for segments on local TV news- if it relates to your practice- write about it as soon as possible.

Another client in the seminar was a sign company. They often deal with start-up businesses that need a sign. A good way to have customers find you would be to write about your experiences with local building codes and permits and how to cut through the red tape- people will find you. Another subject would be all the permits you need to open a new business in your jurisdiction- to help the new businessperson find the answers they are looking for- and establish a relationship with your sign company.

It’s this kind of content that can help you get in front of your customers before the competition does.


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