Seminar 2- 18 Nov.

For those of you who came to the first seminar- thank you. Your comments have helped me improve the content and the presentation-
What’s amazing- is, by next week- Rhythm In Shoes will have a completely updated website – thanks to WordPress –

If you are interested in building a website for success- this 3 hour seminar will walk you through from the basics of the Internet (even if you think you know it- you may not)
on through the secrets of search- and why optimization isn’t what it used to be-
to the power of Blogs- or just a data driven website- where content is fresh and relevant.

No more dependence on some web geek- you can build and maintain your site- without any expensive software, or knowledge of HTML-

come learn about the future of the Internet
Nehemiah University - Seminar site
Where: 750 S. Main St. in Downtown Dayton
When: Friday Nov 18, from 9am to noon
How much? $129 day of, $99 in advance. Next Wave clients are $99 day of, or $79 in advance. Each additional person for a company registered in advance is $79.

All attendees will be able to come to one refresher class for free.
This is only being offered for these early courses-

One participant will win a prize equal to or of greater value than the course.
Last winner was James Kent, of Kent Development.


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