First seminar

It was fun watching the light bulb pop on with the first group- afterward- so many positive comments- and a lot of great suggestions. We’re going to work to reorganize some material- put together an amazingly useful handout- in pdf format with links- and put a lot more material on the site.
We’ve already got 10 people signed up for class 2- and will set a date as soon as we have a handle on the revisions. Hopefully- everyone figured out RSS today- and has added this to their reader- and soon, we’ll start seeing participants comment on the posts on the site.
Special kudos to Ken and Sue Clarkston of the Gospel Mission for providing such a great space with mmm…. donuts and pasteries for all. If you need to rent a space for a business meeting, it’s great that you can support these people who have dedicated their life to charity and helping the less fortunate. As a side note- they are in the process of switching their site over from a static HTML site to an active site running MySQL- and were very interested in sitting in on a Blogosopher seminar.
Thanks to all for making it such a success.


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