K2 0.9 Release at K2

It’s one of our favorite “Super Themes” for WordPress- all kinds of added functions- stripped down interface- and a host of possible plugins integrate and play well with it.

There are even pages of tutorials on how to customize it-

So- after a long hiatus- the new version is released:
K2 0.9 Release at K2

We’ve downloaded it- and will have it up and running at www.esrati.com

It won’t look any different to most of you- but, it does some really cool things other themes don’t- for a hint- try typing a search and see how it starts returning results as you type- or look over on the archives page.

We try to install it as an option on every site we host. The only thing we’ve found was it didn’t work well with the Google Map plug-n-play plugin that we used on Gem Real Estate Group’s geographic listings page– so we had to modify a different theme. Might be fixed with this release- but we’re not ready to redo a theme just yet.


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