Dayton Daily News Correction: Discussion about Blogging

Today’s paper had a few minor errors- the Seminar after the Java Talk will begin at 8:30- so that we can finish wrapping up questions from the free talk. And the $79 rate was for AMA members- who attend the event. It was not 25% off $79. The walk in price for the Blogosopher seminar is $129- we pre-register at $99, and AMA members are being given The Next Wave client rate of $79.
If you are looking to sign up for the seminar- go to the sign-up page and if you are interested in pre-registering for the free Java Talk hosted by the Dayton Chapter of the American Marketing Association- here is the link:

We are trying to get a solid head count for coffee and donuts for the Java Talk.

We apologize for any confusion.


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