About Microformats
To quote my online buddy D’Arcy, anyone who tells you they are an expert in this field of making sense of cyberspace isn’t telling you the truth: it changes too quickly for anyone to know it all.

I’m the first to tell a potential client what I don’t know- but hopefully, I can make a connection for them to someone that does know a lot about that area.

So- when I came across this site about “Micro Formats” and read the about- I was excited. Here is a new way of trying to make sense out of the chaos we have on the Internet as things change so quickly- and it’s called MicroFormats- using common, existing data vocabulary to build things we need.

Unlike, say, the video production industry that builds a new format every other week (there are about 18 different Hi Definition “standards” for video)- the “MicroFormat” movement is trying to use existing tech to accomplish things in a simple way. Much like the way Apple forced developers to use the same interface and formats to make it easy to interchange data and learn different programs on a Macintosh – microformats are trying to keep things simple.

You don’t have to understand the code- you just need to be able to use it and exchange it could be thier mantra.

Hopefully, this movement will gain traction- making it easier for all of us to become “experts” in this new media world.


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