You don’t know Shinola – a new aspect to search

The search for the perfect search engine is far from over. Even though Google is ruling the roost right now, and quickly expanding into other seemingly diverse areas- the eventual goal is not just connecting web users with information, but connecting web users to businesses to complete a sale.
AdWords and AdSense are a big part of their revenue stream. Now Google is moving into selling conventional media like radio as well with purchase of dMarc so they can serve up their targeted ads with response codes across the nation.
But no matter how good Google is, it still makes mistakes in guessing what you want. Offering ads on skydiving lessons while reading about people jumping from the World Trade towers on 9/11 wouldn’t be relevant, or helpful.
So out comes a new company offering to help you separate the %*^& from shinola- using the semantic meaning- instead of just the keyword. The company is called TextWise– and the product is called, yep: Shinola.
So, if you are looking at optimizing your search in Google either with keyword density (the old way) or by using organic search results (real content) there may soon be help available to avoid embarrassing unexpected results.
While many people have worried about click fraud in paid placement ads others have worried about being placed next to the wrong thing- soon, Shinola will make sure you don’t get placed next to the #*&!


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