If your web developer insists on using Flash- have them read this…

ACLU pizza surveillance campaign screen shotThere are a few good reasons to use Flash from Adobe (originally Macromedia) on a site. Most have to do with when you need to integrate time, motion and sound together. Step-by-step procedures work great- as does my favorite class example from the ACLU on what happens when the web goes too far: Pizza

The problem with Flash is that you can’t bookmark specific parts of the embedded movie- or select and read the type.

The following article has some tips on how to make it work- sort of- and how to use Flash to render type for callouts and headlines- using a neat technology called sIFR, but even with all these extra steps- the best solution for search- which means traffic and customers, is to skip Flash if at all possible.

Creating a More Search Engine Friendly Flash Web Site – MarketPosition
Most SEOs and many web designers know that Flash based web sites are a challenge not only to get indexed but to even get the site or pages to rank well in the search engines.

Please note- one of the main ways we drive traffic to our main site, www.thenextwave.biz is by placing a list of our competition on the site in a readable format. Most ad agencies love Flash- which makes them invisible. Good for us, bad for companies that are supposed to be experts at exposing a message to the masses.


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