Best WordPress plug-in ever? The Subscribe to Comments Plugin

A year after writing about how a po-dunk restaurant went viral with a conventional signboard with inflammatory messages, the conversation in comments is still going on. Even with the URL of the restaurant clearly in every picture- I still get search hits- and, why? Because the comments add to the content, and the newness of the material.

The main reason the comments are still coming- the Subscribe to Comments Plug-in which notifies everyone who has commented that there is a new comment on the subject via e-mail. Yes, I know you can subscribe to a feed for comments, but, the reality is- this is easier- just tick the box as you comment, and off you go.

I could have written the post below- and I highly advise you to read the little tutorial they present on set-up:

boojies » Tips: Increase the Stickiness of Your Site with the Subscribe to Comments Plugin
I didn’t realize just how useful this plugin is until I used it on someone else’s site. I fell in love with it. It’s beneficial to both the reader and the blog site/publisher.


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