How To Make Thumbnails for PDFs

The above video shows how to make JPG Thumbnails of PDFs posted to your WordPress website the old fashioned manual way.
We’ve got a handy post about a plugin that makes it a cinch-

There are many reasons why you would want to do this. First and foremost, uploading PDFs using the basic WordPress uploader just provides a link to the document- without a way for your user to see what the PDF looks like.

The reason you are using PDF’s instead of a JPG is because PDFs, if created properly, are search engine friendly and handicap accessible. To make a PDF properly, it’s not made from a scan- it’s made from an document- so that you can highlight and copy text from the PDF. If you are making a PDF from a scan, make sure you use the “recognize text” function to perform Optical Character Recognition on your scan. It won’t be perfect, but it will be close.

JPG’ss are also not search engine friendly, whereas PDF’s are.

Creating a JPG preview of your PDF is easy and will give your website’s users a better experience.

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How to Embed a Youtube Video Cleanly to Your Blog

The video above shows you how to embed Youtube videos to your blog effectively and cleanly. Specifically, what we will be doing is resizing the video to fit into our blog nicely, making the play bar hide itself, removing the distracting information at the top left corner of the embedded video, and removing the related videos at the end. The process is very simple, using only a few modifications.

The final code that you will be using should look something like this:

<iframe src=";3&amp;autohide=1&amp;showinfo=0" frameborder="0" width="635" height="353"></iframe>

*Note: The Youtube URL, Width, and Height will vary.

The part that needs to be added to the URL after the “rel=0” part is this:


Youtube will automatically give you all of the code that you need for the size and showing the related videos, so we only need to worry about the part listed above for the coding part. Just paste this after the “rel=0” section.

The end result will be similar to the way the video on this page looks. The dimensions of the video fit nicely into the blog post, and there will be a simple poster frame and play button instead of displaying the video info and the play bar at the bottom. There is also no border around the frame. When the video plays, you will notice that the play bar will hide itself as you hover away, but if you hover over the video you can still change the resolution, make the video fullscreen, enable captioning, etc. When the video is paused, the video title and information are not displayed. At the end of the video, the related videos are not displayed. This keeps the focus on your blog, and prevents something coming up that you may not want to associate with your blog. It appears that the newest form of embedded Youtube videos no longer have the Youtube logo in the corner of the video anymore, so we don’t have to worry trying to remove the Youtube logo.

Thankfully, the days of the not being able to edit the way your embedded Youtube videos look are apparently gone. For those who want to further customize their embedded videos, Google has a list of several other Youtube Embedded Player Parameters.

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Learn how to win on the web: Websitetology Mar 16, 2011

If your website doesn’t have RSS, search, comments or all that other Web 2.0 wonderfulness- or if you don’t know how to use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare or your site to drive people to your site- you need to come to Websitetology.

The morning is dedicated to learning how the web works- from how Google indexes, to what the real story is on “Search engine optimization” and what and how your web site statistics can give you insight on your business and on your competition.

The afternoon will introduce you to how content management systems can make managing your website and producing content can be easy- with zero code to learn.

Now in it’s fifth season, Websitetology has helped hundreds of small businesses act like big businesses on the web. If you still believe websites cost thousands of dollars and that you have to pay to get on the first page of Google, this seminar will change the way you think and operate on the web.

Register online:

There are more expensive ways to get online- and the front page of google- but this one, you can do yourself.

We will host the seminar at our offices- The Next Wave- 100 Bonner Street Dayton OH 45410 from 8:30 to 4:30 pm

Be there. And remember- each registration also comes with a free return visit to one of the next three seminars for a refresher.

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