What’s a Blog?

A lot of people still don’t know what a blog is- or why they should care.
The word comes from weB LOG, and was originally a way to chronologically publish your thoughts online. But that was so, like 2004. The technology has advanced at break neck speed, and now, the Blog software (which sits on your web server- not on your desktop) has evolved into an actively managed content management system. We prefer the Word Press engine- as do hundreds of thousands other people.
What does that mean?
It means that your entire web site is just a bunch of entries into a database- that are then manipulated by the software to do a bunch of really cool things:

  • Allows your visitor to instantly search your entire site.
  • Makes it easy for you to add content, edit content, delete content (manage your site)
  • Automatically optimizes your content for search engines- and even tells them about every change you make.
  • Your site will be 100% ADA compliant- so blind people (and search engines can see everything on your site)
  • Gives your visitors the option to control the size of the font that they are reading
  • Creates an RSS feed so your readers can “subscribe” to your content- automatically being notified every time you change your site.
  • Invites interactivity – allowing people to comment and discuss your content- thus building community.
  • If all that isn’t enough, since the whole site is generated on the fly from a database (just like CNN, Amazon.com etc) you can change the whole look and feel with one click of a button- no long redesign.

The fact is- the word “blog” really needs to go away– and people need to just adjust to the idea of this is the new fangled way to produce and manage web sites.
These types of sites, when used by people who have just a basic understanding of web stats and how to use this software (like a blogosopher graduate) can be on the front page of Google- without having to pay for keywords or preferred position.


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