How to win at E-bay without really trying

Some people give up on buying on ebay because they never win. I’ll tell you the secret to never losing. Never bid on an item until the very last split second, or you are bidding against yourself.Esnipe Logo - How to win at E-bay without really trying

But, you don’t want to sit at the computer when every auction closes? Here is the secret- use a sniping service like eSnipe.

Esnipe allows you to place as many bids on as many auctions as you want (in a “bid group”) where it will automatically bid your max dollar until you win.

Example- my girlfriend wanted a Sonicare toothbrush. These cost about $116 new, but plenty are available on Ebay auctions NIB (new in box). We bid on a bunch of auctions to end up at $65 with shipping. E-snipe kept bidding and losing, until, jackpot- we won one with free shipping for $54! Cost to us- esnipe sells credits for pennies on the dollar bid- so under $1.00 extra to get a toothbrush for half price.


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