We just found the new WordPress statistics plugin Cystats, and have fallen in love with it. This is a powerful little tool that we found  searching through the 83  statistics plugins listed in the WordPress directory. It’s so powerful that it even has stuff that Google Web Analytics doesn’t have- and displays it all, in your dashboard to help you analyze your WordPress site.

Cystats plugin is easy to install and set up;upload the files to your wp-content/plugins directory, and then activate it in the backend. You’ll immediately be able to see the most commented and visited pages and posts, as well as start recording visitor trending, searchbot visits, search strings, top referrers and more. There’s even a way to see the screen resolution and web browser that your visitors are using to view your website (mobile views should be going up too).

You can download Cystats by clicking the link below. Here’s a screenshot :

Cystats Plugin Download


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  1. A while ago- Cystats was hacked. It’s not been updated in a few years, we’ve moved to WPSlimstats for analytics.

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