WordPress 2.0.6- Update with security fix

WordPress released 2.0.6 yesterday- and it’s supposedly the last release before the much awaited 2.1

Apple users should be happy that Safari will now display quicktags- but, as always, Firefox is the browser of choice for WordPress users (and with Firefox 2.0 you get spell check!).

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Here’s what’s new:* The aforementioned security fixes.
* HTML quicktags now work in Safari browsers.
* Comments are filtered to prevent them from messing up your blog layout.
* Compatibility with PHP/FastCGI setups.

If you’d like Websitetology to upgrade your WordPress installation to 2.0.6. complete with back-up, and a review of your active plug-ins for latest versions, jump over to this link: http://blogosopher.com/?page_id=7

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WordPress Visual Rich Editor (WYSIWG) stops working?

All of a sudden, my pretty quicktags bar stopped showing up. It was as if the Visual Rich Editor had been turned off.

I went to the Options>Writing> ” Users should use the visual rich editor by default” check box- and it was checked and nothing.

I searched Google for WordPress Visual Rich Editor not working, and WordPress Visual Rich Editor broken- and found posts about javascript being turned off, and something about WP MU. No help.

Stumbled across an “improved WYSIWG editor” plugin– and downloaded it- and was about to install it- out of frustration- when I read in it’s read me: disable the “use visual rich editor by default” in 2 places! Not just the “Options>Writing” menu- but also under the user menus. AHA! That was the answer- somehow, under my user profile the “Use Visual Rich Editor by default” box has become unchecked.

Checked it- hit save, and voila, my visual rich editor (TinyMCE) was fixed. Hope this helps someone else.

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