There is an old saying about the cobblers kids having the worst shoes. We have felt kind of guilty about our site and finally got around to giving it a facelift.
We’re still working on some details, including our CRM integration and a few other cool tricks, but here is the before:

Screenshot of old websitetology site design

Old site- circa 2010 to mid 2012.

The new site, incorporates the new identity, a much more focused front page, with calls to action. We’re still working on adding functionality. Note, the content hasn’t changed- just the way it’s displayed- this is the beauty of WordPress:

Screenshot of the new Websitetology Site

A new look and feel, with a focus on registration

We’d love to hear what you think of the new design in the comments.


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  1. Like it! It certainly has a richer feel to to it and the logo is interesting. Good luck with getting all the functionalities worked out. See you soon!

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