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Writing for me is easy. Writing for some of you is hard.

Creating great content is the key to getting more visitors- so all you English majors out there- rejoice, your diploma may be worth something again. Chris Pearson has a post about content that’s worth reading- so here is the link and an excerpt:

Pearsonified | Best damn blog on the planet.

When you first got into blogging, I’m betting that refining your copywriting skills was likely the last thing on your mind – I certainly wasn’t thinking about it! Five months in, however, I see that developing this skill will pay huge dividends in launching future ventures, regardless of whether they take place online or offline. Simply put, being able to write great copy is one of those transferable skills that I talked about last time – it can help to set you free.
Here are a few of our tips on building content:
  1. Some tips I find useful- google what you want to write about- and then write about what you find (that’s how this post is being done- with the help of the Pressit function of WordPress). You can also set up a Google alert on your subject to find things for you.
  2. Look at your webstats search terms- then combine them in new ways- with meaningful insight- which should help you promote your search rank in the future. See this post.
  3. Ask your readers questions- and see where they take you with their comments- I read a post by Mark Cuban today about the future of movies- he had over 568 responses. I wrote about it.
Those are just a few ideas-
if you have more suggestions- please feel free to share them as a comment below.

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