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We’ve used Owen “RedAlt” Winkler’s Microshop on our site and to handle purchases.We tried to install it today on and kept getting script errors- and we weren’t sure why. So, we searched for another shop- and just found this WP Shop which has a few extra features like a discount box and an interesting shipping option. We’re going to try to use it on Bakehouse and see what happens.

UPDATE: what happened is it didn’t work. We’ve contacted the developer- and will see if he can work things out.


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  1. Hi

    We have posted new zip and tar.gz files to the site and these are available for download. Please check the site for further updates.

    Thanks for trying it out. As you can see from the site links we do have it working. Having tested it on our server and put it into production, we need to make sure it works for others.


  2. Of course you could always use the original and the most amazing and feature packed word press shopping cart plugin:

  3. Dan- I once tried to use the plug in you suggested- and it did terrible things to my database- and I had to restore from a 3 day old back-up.
    Before installing any plug-in it is highly advised to back-up your database- and your theme folder.

  4. Check out the latest verion of WP e-commerce. Now has USA tax support, product ordering, and much much more 🙂

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