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Even though we announced the release on the 26th- and promptly installed it on this site- we thought we would update you with the official release: “Duke” – named after Duke Ellington.

The nicest features in 2.0 are the default WYSIWG text entry (which is still taking some getting used to) and the ability to customize your admin pages by just dragging around the components (thanks to a cool software technology called AJAX-which you will hear and see more of).

The new way of handling pictures is completely integrated- and will change the way photo gallerys are done- with pictures and descriptive data now going in the database instead of being separate.

The new “Roles” function makes much more sense than the old 1-10 level system- and should make working collaboratively much easier.

We are offering upgrades to 2.0 for $49 for our clients- including a complete back-up of your database and data, and then a testing of plugins- to get you back up and running quickly. You can pay the old fashioned way- or pay using pay pal in our sign-up section.

We’ve also announced our next seminar- Thursday, January 19th, 2006, 8:30 am till noon.


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