WordPress 2.3 due today- why you should be excited!

The WordPress development team has a new schedule for releases- one major version every 3 months is the goal. Today, WordPress 2.3 is supposed to be realeased and there is a very good post at Technosailor about the 10 things you need to know.

I’m most excited about Plugin version notifications. If there has been one bane to our developers existence, it’s been broken WP updates- because a plugin isn’t updated- causing us to go through the trial and error check. Now WP will let us know when plugins are updated- solving this very real problem. The Tagging function is cool- but this is useful.

10 Things You Need to Know About WordPress 2.3
Update Notifications

Update notifications have been a long requested feature of WordPress and thankfully in this release, it’s been delivered – not once, but twice. Now WordPress can alert you when a new version of WordPress is available as well as new plugin versions.

There are 9 other cool things he talks about- and we’ll have some info on 2.3 as well- once the final release is out. We’ve updated all of our WP installs on our server to use Fantastico for updates- so as soon as it hit’s fantastico’s server- we’ll be able to update with one click.


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