Why your site should be a community- not a brochure.

Found the following article while doing some research for a client brief. It’s one of the best explanations of why a WordPress site (or other web 2.0 style site) is the natural evolution for a business website.

I only picked a paragraph to quote, I highly recommend you head over and read the whole thing:

O’Reilly Network — Building Online Communities

Exist For a ReasonYou must know why your site exists. Otherwise, you cannot judge the effectiveness of any policy. Worse yet, how will visitors know if they want to join the community? What benefit does a user derive from participating? Why should anyone care? Without an underlying goal, it’s extremely difficult to guide users in constructive ways. It would be like starting a company and forgetting that, at some point, you need paying customers.

Why are you online? What problem are you trying to solve? Remember, 80% of Internet use begins with a search- what are they looking for, and how are you providing it?


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