Using Image and File Attachments « WordPress Codex

This isn’t the easiest to read set of instructions – but it’s the best that’s out there for now.

If you want to attach a Microsoft Word doc (not recommended) or a PDF (recommended) to your WordPress blog- these are the steps.

  • The reasons you don’t want to attach a Word Doc:
  • not everyone has Word
  • Word can contain viruses
  • Word formatting will break depending on fonts and computer platform.

But- if you load a PDF:

  • Everyone can read it with the free Acrobat reader
  • Search engines will parse it
  • Many people can read the PDF within their browser
  • It will look exactly the same on every machine
  • It can have fields in it to fill out on the computer

I hope to put a simple step-by-step how to upload PDF’s to your WordPress blog soon. For now- the codex link at top is the best I could find.


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