Pingomatic isn’t the only pinging service

The beauty of WordPress is that it automatically tells Google (and a bunch of other sites) to look at your post- every time you post. But, there are a lot of other ping services as you can see in this post: Blog » List of Pinging Services for your Blog

Ping services simply let other sites know when your site has updated. By allowing XML-RPC or (pings) as they are more commonly called, sites will know almost instantaneously when you update new blog posts or content. In turn, they will update their indices accordingly.These notifications, or pings, are valuable in many ways although I think you can also “over submit” if you’re not careful. It really depends if the site’s using the ping have URLs that are indexed in search engines. Most are dynamic search pages only, so they are fine.

Here’s a list of pinging services you can use with your blog…


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  1. I don’t have wordpress yet but was really excited to read that it automatically tells Google when a new post has been made. That is worth the price of admission right there. Thanks for the tip.

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