Microsoft desperately wants your website business

screenshot of Microsoft live basics logoYou often get what you pay for- and Microsoft is now so desperate to gain users and traffic for it’s Microsoft live search- that they are willing to host your site for free as long as you get hooked on their advertising keywords business.

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As Johnny come lately to the world of search and even the Internet, Microsoft is so desperate to compete with Google that they will try almost anything- and spend good money doing it. A cursory look at the sample sites show that as always, Microsoft still doesn’t get the idea of easy-to-use- since the small business sites I looked at were still missing normal data: like a page title other than “Home”

AC Lawrence Real Estate

Seaport Photography

Neither site had RSS, or the search engine friendly features that come in the true Open Source solution we recommend that are built into Word Press. When you elect to go with a closed loop system like Microsoft office live’s free hosting- you will be forever locked into whatever feature set Microsoft chooses to support.

There are inexpensive hosting packages out there, and there is also where anyone can build a highly effective WordPress site for free- but in the end, you still get what you pay for.

We don’t demand you host with us after taking our seminar- although we do believe our $159 annual hosting fee with URL registration is reasonable, considering we provide support- and give you true Open Source solutions to support maximum flexibility and adherence to W3C standards.

If you want to see sample sites from our websitetologists, take a look here: Websitetologists.

Compare the amount of content on their sites to those of the sample Microsoft Live sites- and remember- content drives traffic for smart people. Paid ads drive traffic for, well, stupid people.


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  1. David,

    As you may recall, I registered initially with Microsoft Live to get a free domain and website and mail. I had been using your wordpress stuff for several months prior for Thought i would give microsoft a run and see how it worked. Long story short, I had to wait 3 months to transfer the domain to you, my search indexing never materialized and it was just an all around cumbersome system to use.

    If you have someone on the fence between Free Microsoft and a hundred and a half with you for a year, have them call me! Even though my best friend in the whole world, Bill Shade, is Bill Gates right hand man in Redman, well you know what the say: “It’s not personal, It’s business”.

    p.s. glad your hearts ok, physically that is, you may not know this, but, if it stops working you can die!?!?

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